3 comments on “Democrats need to UNITE!

  1. Drama

    The drama unfolds on a political stage

    As we strive to survive a critical phase

    Do you care about about minimum wage

    As history turns another page,
    on election day ?

    Are you a man, or a woman, young or old?

    Were you ever homeless left out in the cold?

    Do you care about jobs and education?

    What can you do about unfair taxation?

    Have you ever heard of the greedy elite

    With tax exemptions so easy and sweet

    Is corruption hangin’ around Wall Street

    Rich get richer, hungry babies don’t eat

    Some see the truth and say they don’t care
    Some give up and wallow in despair
    Others curse, swear and remain unaware
    History will see the burdens we bear

    Is Social Security under attack
    While expensive medicine knocks us back
    Who’s gonna give you all the facts
    Could some candidates be smokin’ crack

    Did you see the slaughter in Sandy Hook.
    Could Ferguson, Missouri write a book?
    Who took a drink from the waters in Flint?
    Who do you think should be the President?

    Killings, blood spilling in a church or a school
    Children dying and crying…who makes the rules
    Think about our future as we pray
    Who has the light and the way
    on election day.

    Terrorist threats to our nation
    Every life matters, and immigration
    Do you want peaceful negotiations
    History will record the celebrations
    on election day

    One by one, with one goal in sight

    Fifty shades of red, white and blue unite

    Huge turn-outs for a courageous fight

    Will freedom echo on election night

    Is unity and motivation weak or strong

    Working together right or wrong

    We wait and anticipate a new song

    So lift every voice were we belong

    On election day

    Tony Weaver

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